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Roma Enter Second Pot in ChampionsLeague Draw

The Giallorossi were winners on Wednesday without even stepping onto the field.

UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League - Q1 and Q2 Qualifying Round Draw Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

It’s well known that the group a team is drawn into can make all the difference in it advancing to the knockout stages of the Champions League. Last season, as a third pot team, Roma were drawn into a tough group that included Chelsea and Atletico Madrid. Fortunately, i Lupi outplayed predictions and were able to survive a tough group, setting the stage for their magical semifinals run.

This season, thanks to their success in last season’s competition and a little help, Roma will be drawn from the second pot of teams. The help came Wednesday in the form of a PAOK victory over FC Basel in the second qualifying round. Basel’s elimination from the competition means that Roma is guaranteed a place in the second pot for the group stage draw later this month.

Landing in the second pot means that Roma will avoid being drawn into a group with the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United, Porto, Shakhar Donetsk, Tottenham, and either Liverpool or Benfica. (If Benfica wins their third round qualifying tie with Fenerbahçe, then Liverpool will drop to the third pot). The group stage groups will be drawn August 30.