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Roma to Learn Champions League Fate Today

The UCL Group Stage Draw will take place later today.

UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League - Q1 and Q2 Qualifying Round Draw Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

There’s no question that Roma’s greatest success last season was its fairy tale run to the Champions League semifinals. Before bowing out to Liverpool in the semis, Roma went on a magical run that included winning a difficult group with Chelsea and Atletico Madrid, defeating Shakhtar Dontesk in the round of 16, and of course, the Miracle at the Olimpico against Barcelona in the quarterfinals.

Last season, Roma were a Pot 3 team during the group stage draw, which sealed their fate of being grouped with heavyweights Chelsea and Atletico. This season, however, Roma will be a Pot 2 team, thanks to their success in last year’s competition plus losses at the right times by other clubs. Moving up to Pot 2 will allow Roma a better chance at avoiding two heavyweights, like last season. However, there are no guarantees, thanks to a deep competition. Below are the four pots for the draw.

A lot of the times the draw can determine whether a team will advance from the group stages. Of course there are no guarantees, as last season, Roma defied the odds and actually won their tough group as the third team in. However, a good draw can go a long way in helping the cause, while a bad draw can make things very complicated. When looking at the pots above there are potential nightmare scenarios, and conversely a possible dream scenario.

The Nightmare

The nightmare of course would be any scenario where Roma draw Liverpool out of Pot 3. They are a Pot 1 quality team, who are in Pot 3 because of their recent lean years. A Liverpool draw is possible if they draw any of the three teams from Spain (Real, Barca, Atleti), Bayern, or PSG from Pot 1. Throw in Galatasaray from Pot 4 and you’re looking a The Group of Death. The only possible way to ease the pain of Liverpool being drawn would be to get Lokomotiv from Pot 1.

The Dream

On the flip-side the dream draw scenario for Roma would probably look something like Lokomotiv from Pot 1, PSV from Pot 3, and AEK from Pot 4. In a group similar to this, Roma become the favorite and life becomes a bit easier. Pretty much any group with Lokomtiv as the Pot 1 team and Roma should be in good shape.

It’s highly unlikely that Roma get either the dream or nightmare draw. It’s much more likely they’ll get something in the middle of the two. However, one always fears the worst and hopes for the best. The draw takes place at noon eastern today, so we won’t have to wait long to learn Roma’s fate. However, for now we can speculate as to what it’ll be. What teams do you predict Roma will be drawn with?