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Roma Women’s Team Officially Unveiled to the Public

A day long in the works...

AS Roma

Over the past several weeks we’ve discussed Roma’s brand new women’s team (AS Roma Femminile if you want to get technical about it, a/k/a Giallorosse), but thanks to a paucity of information flowing from the source, we were only able to provide intermittent updates: the names of the players, coaches and training room staff and an opening date (September 15th I believe, still looking for confirmation; Google has let me down), but rest assured, we will cover the team as closely as we possibly can, and we can only hope the club provides us with a steady stream of content.

But I digress. Earlier today, on the world famous Spanish Steps, the squad was officially unveiled to the public, and as I suspected, these new Roma kits look infinitely better without ads festooned on them.

See? Bartoli’s sponsorless kit is such a cleaner, crisper look. Incidentally, if you’re looking for an early favorite player on this team, Bartoli is your bet: not only is she the captain, she’s Roman and is slowly becoming a rock for the national team, logging nearly 500 minutes in six World Cup qualifying appearances.

Speaking at the unveiling, Bartoli was understandably excited. “It is a dream to captain this club, the club of my heart. We want to achieve something great and bring great joy to Rome, the greatest city in the world.”

The Giallorosse will host the inaugural Trofeo Luisa Petrucci this weekend and will begin their domestic schedule later this month.