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Roma 2019-2020 Kits Leaked Online

"Leak"...wink, wink.

AS Roma v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

If you follow us on Twitter, you no doubt noticed our complaint that nothing fantastic or tragic was going down in the Romaverse today. Sure, there were some small injury updates for Diego Perotti and Juan Jesus, and perhaps some small progress in the ongoing transfer negotiations of Thiago Mendes, but by and large it was a rather dull Wednesday. However, if there is one thing sure to move the needle as it were, outside of a juicy transfer rumor, it's NEW CLOTHES!!!

Moments ago, some intrepid internet sleuths "leaked”some designs of Roma's home and third kits next year. These are about as leaked as...I don't know, I can't even complete that analogy, but as I always say, the clubs, kit manufacturers and the sponsor must be in league on these; the success rate of these leaks is simply too high to be coincidence.

But I digress, check the new threads.

Third Kits

While I like the balance of color on this one, between the sleeve stripes, the collar piping, the throat piping, the old/wordy Nike logo, the Qatar Airways and the watermarks of Roma's older logos on the body of the kit, this thing is way, way, way too noisy.

But these home ones....ooh, theý're nice.

Lightning bolts aside (if you can manage that, they're awful), these are crisp, clean and minimal and somewhat reminiscent of the 2013-2014 mystery manufacturer kits—the ones from Rudi Garcia's first year, the gap year between Kappa and Nike. But, for real, ditch those lightning bolts and these could be a classic!

Okay, here are all three at once:

So, what do you think, will you part with your hard earned money if these do indeed hit the shelves this summer?