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Transfer Deadline Day Open Thread

The clock is ticking, will Roma make a move?

Benevento Calcio v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

When potentially signing a 29-year-old central defender is the best news your club received in a week, you know you're in a bit of a rough patch. No disrespect to Domagoj Vida, who I think will be a decent addition, but for a club in dire need of big additions (if not outright changes at the top), Vida is the proverbial band-aid on a bullet wound.

While Eusebio Di Francesco has been granted yet another stay of execution, the onus now falls on Monchi. Given what we've seen over the past week or so, it's seems painfully obvious that Roma needs, at the very least, a center back, a defensive midfielder and, if Edin Dzeko is facing a lengthy suspension, a center forward.

So, we'll keep this thread open for the rest of the day, feel free to share any rumors you may find and I'll pop 'em in here.

Luca Pellegrini to Cagliari

Man, for a kid who looks like the spitting image of a Cobra Kai thug, Luca Pellegrini is rocking the shit out that newsboy cap—it's a good look when paired with that blazer and mock neck; he's part Gigi, part latter day Sean Connery. Oh, and he's also now a Cagliari player, at least for the remainder of the season. Luca certainly showed some flashes this season, but with EDF preferring to run Aleksandar Kolarov into the ground, there wasn't much room for the uber talented teenager, so off on loan he goes, hopefully to return to Roma under a new manager come August.

Monchi Ups Vida Offer

I don't know what it is about this club and over paying for near 30-year-old players, but it's becoming a worrying trend. Earlier this week, we discussed this proposed move, one that seemed likely to settle around €7.5 million, which was perfectly digestible for Roma given her current state, but it seems as though Besiktas are putting the wood to Monchi, holding out for a rumored €11 to €12 million.

Those are likely to be only the moves made today, but if you stumble across something juicy, please share it.