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CdS: Kolarov Extension in the Works, Possible Director Role to Follow

If this proves true, there can be no doubt on which side of Roma Kolarov's heart lies.

SS Lazio v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

I'm not a huge believer in ESP or anything like that, but I think I might be clairvoyant. No more than 48 hours ago, while proclaiming him to be one of Roma's best signings ever, I wrapped up the piece suggesting that we could only be so lucky as to retain Aleksandar Kolarov beyond this season, and, well, that might be happening as reports out of Italy suggest an extension is in the works.

According to the CdS—that's the Corriere della Sera this time—Roma are reportedly working on separate contract extensions for both Kolarov and Lorenzo Pellegrini. We'll save the Pellegrini talk for a later date, but given the attention we paid to Kolarov earlier this week, let's focus on the soon to be 34-year-old left back.

With his current deal set to expire in June, Kolarov, while on duty with the Serbian National Team, was asked if he was interested in closing out his career where it began, with Red Star Belgrade (where he started as a youth). Rather than indulging that notion, Kolarov shot it down almost immediately, stating in no uncertain terms that he'd wrap up his career abroad.

That abroad, as it turns out, looks increasingly likely to remain in Rome. With the club rebuffing attempts from Turkey this summer, it was obvious they still held Kolarov in high regard, but if the CdS reports prove true, the club is preparing a rather interesting offer.

According to CdS journalist Gianluca Piacentini, the club are set to offer Kolarov a contract extension through June 2021 with an option for a second year, but it doesn't end there. Kolarov, it seems, will also be offered a chance to move his career up stairs, joining the director ranks (presumably) after the 2021-2022 season when his playing contract expires.

Kolarov may have made his name with Lazio, but if this deal comes to pass, let there be no doubt; he was a Roma player through and through. Not only will he have played with Roma longer (five seasons compared to three), but by shifting careers and joining Roma's directors, he will leave no doubt as to where his heart truly lies.

Aleksandar Kolarov was already one of Roma's best purchases in recent memory, but with this new deal, he may soon join the ranks of the most beloved as well.

Get ‘er done, Roma. Kolarov has more than proved himself.