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Hysaj's Agent Stumping for Winter Move to Roma

Not the most glamorous name out there, but one that could help Roma tremendously now and in the future.

Chievo Verona v SSC Napoli - Serie A Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

Transfer rumors aren't something we typically discuss in mid-October, but given the injury to Davide Zappacosta, Roma were unexpectedly robbed of a right-back, leaving no direct cover behind Alessandro Florenzi at that position. While both Leonardo Spinazzola and Davide Santon are capable of playing on the right flank, by Spinazzola's own admission, it's not his preferred role, so it wouldn't be the craziest thing to see Roma bring in a right-back this winter.

What is a bit crazy is the manner in which Elseid Hysaj's agent is publicly stumping for his client to move to the Italian capital:

We still like Roma and it is in Napoli’s interests to negotiate a transfer in January...There had been discussions in the summer with Roma, then we stopped when the season began, but we still like them as a destination

I think it is Napoli’s interests to negotiate a transfer in January, seeing as they risk losing him as a free agent in June 2021. They’d only have the summer left otherwise, and seeing as Napoli have been fundamental in Hysaj’s career, we want to avoid leaving for free.

Hysaj to Roma is nothing new—we discussed this move as recently as late August, some 48 hours prior to Roma landing Zappacosta—but you seldom see such a direct, unequivocal claim from a players agent, which makes this rumor all the more interesting.

With a definitive need at the position and recent transfer history between the two clubs (Kostas Manolas and Amadou Diawara this past summer), there may be substantial smoke to this fire. Roma don't usually go hog-wild in the winter transfer window, but addressing a specific position within a specific budget is a tactic that has worked quite well from Roma over the years—your Luca Tonis, Diego Perottis and Stephan El Shaarawys, to name a few.

Hysaj is currently valued at €18 million (per Transfermarkt) and with all of 54 league minutes to his name and a contract that expires in approximately 18 months, he's clearly not a priority for Napoli. If Roma can work these factors to their favor, Hysaj could be an ideal winter addition, particularly if they can whittle down that price.

You gotta pick your spots in the winter transfer window, but a Hysaj-to-Roma transfer ticks a lot of boxes.