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Highlights of Roma's 3-0 Victory Over Istanbul Basaksehir

Roma took care of business and look a good bet to advance to the knockout rounds.


Roma have been under the guiding hands of an American owner since 2011, and if the rumors hold true that pattern will continue beyond 2020, and throughout the past eight years we've become acutely aware of how important Champions League revenue is to owning and operating a successful football club. Well, I'm here to tell you about another reason to prefer the Champions League over the Europa League—there's no risk of Champions League matches being played on Thanksgiving.

For our American readership, you were likely faced with a multitude of lousy options for watching yesterday's match: skip it all together, watch it later and hope to avoid spoilers, or fight the unwinnable battle of convincing people to watch Roma and Istanbul over the slate of NFL games available on America's most glutenous holiday.

It was pretty much a no-win situation, one we wouldn't have had to endure if Roma qualified for the Champions League, and their sweet, sweet Tuesday/Wednesday fixtures, but if your plans were similar to mine, you at least got to catch the first half, which, as it turns out, was all you needed to see! Roma piled on three first half goals and cruised to a relatively easy victory, putting them even with Borussia MGB on eight points with one match remaining.

So, if you're waging a Black Friday battle at the mall right now and need a respite, enjoy the highlights.