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With Premiership Interest Increasing, Roma Look to Lock Down Pellegrini

Roma would be wise to lock this one up ASAP.

AS Roma’s press conference Photo by Muhammed Enes Yildirim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Lorenzo Pellegrini is only 23-years-old, but it seems like he's been on the periphery (if not dead-center) of every discussion we've had about the future of Roma over the past several years. Pellegrini, being a natural born Roman, was always going to attract a fair amount of attention, but as a sublimely skilled and silky smooth play-making midfielder, Pellegrini has always held that extra little bit of promise, that touch of fantasista for the 21st century. And after his successful stint with Sassuolo, his return to Roma was hailed as the beginning of the next great Roma epoch.

While he's had some fits and starts since coming home in the summer of 2017, Pellegrini has always maintained an even keel, giving Roma 2,000 some odd minutes each of the past two seasons as he was pinged around the midfield under EDF and later Claudio Ranieri.

Pellegrini, like so many of his teammates, has found new life under Paulo Fonseca, who seems to have that critical knack of putting his players in a position to succeed. Despite dealing with a rash of injuries this season, most notably a fractured foot, Pellegrini has emerged as one of the best play-making midfielders in the league. In nine appearances (all comps), Pellegrini has dished out seven assists while also averaging nearly three-and-a-half key passes per match.

In his past two matches alone, Pellegrini has set up three goals, including two against Istanbul yesterday; a performance that could soon lead to a new address for the 23-year-old. According to Sky Sport, representatives from Tottenham were at yesterday’s Europa League to keep tabs on Pellegrini, who they value at some €40 to €50 million. We're not here to dissect Pellegrini's fit for the Premiership, but skills like Pellegrini's travel well—he'd hit the ground running in virtually any league—so Roma should take these overtures seriously.

With the eyes of the “best league in the world” on him, Roma are reportedly moving fast to offer Pellegrini a new contract. While neither Calciomercato nor Sky has speculated on any financial figures, we can safely assume Pellegrini will see and handsome increase on his €3.7 million (gross) salary. For Roma's part, they'll likely seek an equal increase in his release clause, which is currently set at €30 million.

While we'd like to assume the Roman bond will always prevail in these scenarios, Pellegrini is definitely a name on the rise in global football, so Roma would be wise to not take any half-measures on this one.