12/12/19 Roma Transfermarkt Updates


Transfermarkt is a fun source to gauge the value of players, clubs, leagues, etc.

In June 2019, Roma fans were nervous. We had just come off a rough season, underdelivering on a standard we set for ourselves in years prior. There was confusion at the ownership level, the director level, the coaching level, and the player level...a mess, in every sense of the word.

But despite tempered expectations by the Romaverse, new coach Paulo Fonseca and Co. have brought excitement back to the Eternal City, and magic back to some players who we thought may have lost it. Therefore, as expected, the "valuation" (per Transfermarkt) has increased.

Below you can find the consolidated updated, per the 12/12/19 site update. I'd love to hear which valuations you agree with, disagree with, and what this means for Roma going forward. Enjoy!

Roma: Stock UP: $481MM to $506MM

  • 5th Club in Serie A
  • 21st Club in World

Stock UP:

  • Zaniolo: $45.60MM to $57.00M
  • Mancini: $25.08MM to $31.92MM
  • Veretout: $22.80MM to $28.50MM
  • Kluivert: $26.22MM to $28.50MM
  • Lopez: $22.80MM to $27.36MM
  • Diawara: $17.10MM to $22.80MM
  • Spinazzola: $17.10MM to $20.52MM
  • Antonucci: $570K to $1.14MM
  • Fuzato: $114K to $570K
Stock DOWN:
  • Florenzi: $28.50MM to $22.80MM
  • Kalinic: $11.40MM to $9.69MM
  • Perotti: $13.68MM to $9.12MM
  • Jesus: $10.26MM to $7.98MM
  • Fazio: $6.84MM to $4.56MM
  • Pellegrini: $45.60MM
  • Under: $39.90MM
  • Cristante: $28.50MM
  • Smalling: $22.80MM
  • Mhkitaryan: $28.50MM
  • Pastore: $17.10MM
  • Zappacosta: $17.10MM
  • Dzeko: 15.96MM
  • Kolarov: $9.12MM
  • Santon: $5.70MM
  • Cetin: $2.28MM
  • Mirante: $912K
Other Noteworthy Players:
  • Schick: $17.10MM (unchanged)
  • Zan Celar: $912K (unchanged)
  • Moise Kean: $36.48MM (stock down)
  • Manolas: $45.60MM (stock down)
  • Luca Pellegrini: $17.10MM (stock up)
  • El Shaarawy: $28.50MM (stock down)
  • Nzonzi: $21.66MM (stock down)

Thoughts & Observations:
  • Roma has no money (unless Pallotta sells and debts are covered??), but I don't know how much longer Kean will be valued this low. A worthy investment at a position of need IF we can scrounge up some funds.
  • No change for Smalling? At first, I was upset by this because he JUST turned 30 and he's been absolutely killing it...but maybe this is good news on the Roma front so ManU's asking price doesn't drastically increase.
  • I was a little sour when we sold Luca Pellegrini. I like Spinazzola and think he's a starter when healthy and the future left back after Kolarov's days are behind him....but I question if moving on from Luca was the right call.
  • I thought Zaniolo's price would jump a bit more, and thought we'd see an increase in Lorenzo Pellegrini's stock...but they're both still wildly young. Those values will shoot up in due time.
  • Antonio Mirante at $912K??? What a steal!
  • Glad to see the hardwork of Mancini and Veretout recognized
  • Nzonzi as an asset is depreciating. Might be right back in Roma colors in the summer of 2020.