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Looking for Fourth-Straight Win, Roma Host Orobica

A win over 12th place Orobica would be a great way to end 2019 for Roma.

FC Internazionale v AS Roma- Women Serie A Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

With consecutive wins against Tavagnacco, Inter Milan and Bari, Roma are suddenly back on a roll. Their two domestic wins have pushed the Giallorosse temporarily into third place, while their dismantling of Bari landed Roma a place in the quarter finals of the Coppa Italia, where they'll face the San Marino Academy, who are apparently, despite playing in an independent microstate, eligible for the Coppa Italia—you learn something new everyday, right?

But that's a matter for another day. All that matters now is Roma's home fixture against 12th Orobica-Bergamo. With only one point through nine matches, the bottom-dwelling sharks are the leagues worst side and currently sport a -22 goal differential. So woeful is the Orobica attack, they've been shutout four times already and have found the back of the net twice in their past six matches.

Roma vs. Orobica: December 14th. 14:30 CET/8:30 EST. Stadio Tre Fontane, Roma.

There's bad, then there's that. This preview won't really focus on Orobica. Apologies to all the shark aficionados out there.

The story of Roma's recent run has been the emergence of Andressa Alves, one of Roma's more notable summer acquisitions. The 27-year-old Brazilian midfielder/forward has come to life over the last month. After spending the early part of the season on the periphery, Andressa has suddenly become a focal point for Roma, scoring four goals in her past three matches, including a brace against Inter Milan and an extra-time match winner against Bari on Wednesday. Andressa scored 18 goals for Barcelona over the past two seasons, so it was only a matter of time before she got rolling.

Continuing her tinkering ways, Betty Bavagnoli has deployed Andressa in two completely different midfields the past two matches. Against Inter Milan, Andressa lined up alongside Claudia Ciccotti and Andrine Hegerberg, while against Bari on Tuesday she was teamed up with Vanessa Bernauer and Giada Greggi.

The lesson, as always, is never try and predict what Bavagnoli will do...howeva, facing a side as decrepit as Orobica, Bavagnoli might use this opportunity to empty her bench a bit, perhaps even throwing young Heden Corrado into the mix. While you never want to overlook an opponent, if ever there was an opportunity for Bavagnoli to truly tinker, surely this is it.

In terms of the ever-present hunt for that second Champions League place, second place Fiorentina (who are one point above Roma) face Inter Milan at home on Sunday, while third place AC Milan (who are one point behind Roma with a game in hand) face Verona on the road. So Roma aren't likely to receive much help from their colleagues, so they have to take care of business at the Tre Fontane on their own.

If Roma keep the throttle open, this could be a lopsided one. Fingers crossed.