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Could Patrik Schick's Debut Goal Lead to a Career Resurgence?

As Katy Perry would sing: ‘Schick scored a goal and I liked it’


Well, I do prefer the actual lyrics, but I guess the Schick version is rather appropriate too... Unless you’re home alone on a Saturday night with no plans, feeling excited. Yeah then I’d opt for the Katy Perry version but hey, that’s just my two cents.

This was never the way I planned / Not my intention / It’s not what I’m used to / It felt so wrong, it felt so right / My head gets so confused, hard to obey / Hard to resist so touchable / Too good to deny it

You gotta admit, this reminds me a lot of the current Schick situation. I guess no one saw this coming, not even Leipzig fans. Thanks to a wonderful strike, Schick shot his club right to first place (albeit temporarily) in the Bundesliga. A nice little extra but it sure was a damn fine goal truth be told. A smart, quick turn left two defenders stranded in the penalty area and he calmly beat the keeper with a lovely chip.

It was Patrik’s first goal for the German club since he joined them in the summer, so I think he was feeling almost desperate, just like the Red Bull fans. He hasn’t played that much at all (a disappointing total of 3 games so far and not even as a starter) so this goal will help Patrik to lose some weight on his shoulders. Hopefully his career takes off for real this time.

Leipzig finished an amazing week after sealing CL qualification for the knockout phase and topping the Bundesliga for a short moment, so one might think Patrik is enjoying life in Germany. However, he expected a lot more playing time. No, actually scratch that, AS Roma expected a lot more playing time for the young Czech. After all, they want to recoup a large sum of his transfer fee since his total price could increase up to €42m.

It’s still too early to say if Leipzig can or will bring in Schick on a permanent deal, and it’s going to be nowhere near the 40m range (apparently € 29m if Leipzig qualiy for CL 2020-2021). Advancing to the CL knockouts this season and ending in the top 3-4 (perhaps even more) in the Bundesliga could help during negotiations. More money means more resources for Leipzig to continue their extraordinary rise in both Germany and Europe. They want to become the next challenger of the great Bayern München and a profile like Schick (young, talented strikers destined for greatness) is very appealing for these kind of clubs. Don’t forget he’s an international for his country too.

The majority of Roma fans have seen enough of Schick and have already said goodbye to him. They think it was simply not meant to be, Schick and Roma. Just sell him to the highest bidder and be done with it, as painful as it may be.

Maybe. Maybe not. It’s a pretty ironic situation, really. The better Schick does (read: the more goals he will score), the more RB Leipzig, or for example Dortmund, will come knocking on the door to sign him. Imagine Schick suddenly scores 10-15 goals through May, including a handful of beauties like on Saturday, would Roma simply sell him and choose a quick cash grab? Or get him back to Rome ASAP to prepare for season 2020-2021?

Look at Roma’s striker department: It’s basically a huge void after Dzeko. We all know Kalinic isn’t going to stay and Celar is too raw for now. Dzeko turns 34 in March, Schick 24 in January. If Roma is going for a younger, accomplished striker to challenge Dzeko next season, be ready to spend at least €20-25m, perhaps even more. The transfer market these days is a madhouse.

Schick may not be a like for like replacement for Edin but at least he can play up front in almost every position and he’s already ours. He can join the core of the future, alongside Pellegrini, Diawara, Zaniolo and Mancini. Perhaps in Germany he’ll be molded into a more complete striker than in Italy and then return home to prove the doubters wrong. Who knows?

It all depends on Patrik himself. If the Czech indeed keeps this momentum going from now on and truly explodes on the scene, then the choice will be a tough one for Roma. Bank on Patrik for one more time, or grab the money and run. And then buy a new guy who’s not yet acclimatized to the Roman environment and who could very easily also disappoint just like many others before. Dilemma.

Me, on the other hand, I have an easier choice: Time to get back to Katy Perry and her romantic revelations.


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