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Highlights of Roma's 3-1 Win Over Hellas Verona

Roma did enough to win on a soggy Verona evening.

Hellas Verona v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

In the buildup to this match, most of the discussion, both here and within the club itself, seemed to center on improving Roma's organization and execution in the final third. By honing up these facets of his attack, Paulo Fonseca hoped to leave a more dominant Roma in its wake—a squad that would not only win, but win flawlessly.

And, well, that didn't happen. Roma did create two beautifully orchestrated team goals—spurred by Lorenzo Pellegrini in each instance—but were otherwise frustrated by Verona, who actually held more possession than Roma on the day.

Still, the mark of a truly great team is the ability to win ugly. And while that notion might send shivers down Fonseca's spine, today Roma proved they could win without playing their absolute best.

And hey, Roma still scored three goals against a side that had conceded 11 in their previous 13 matches.