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Luca Pellegrini Injured Playing with Cagliari

At the moment ACL damage is being ruled out.

Cagliari v Parma Calcio - Serie A Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images

Over the winter transfer period, Roma farmed out Luca Pellrgini, one of its highly thought of Primavera products, to Cagliari in hopes that a loan spell would speed up his development. Young players need to play, and Pellegrini wasn’t getting many minutes behind Aleksander Kolarov. Things seemed to be going according to plan when Pellegrini came on as a sub in his debut match as a Cagliari player, before starting against Milan and Parma.

However, after a lively start against Parma on Saturday, things to took a turn for the worse for the young left back about thirty minutes in. Pellegrini made a nice play tracking back to break up a Parma counter attack, only to come up hobbling. He played a few more minutes before being forced to come off in the 32nd minute with an apparent right knee injury. Hopefully I didn’t put the mal’occhio on Luca with my tweet from earlier in the match.

Fortunately, it looks like Pellegrini has avoided a major injury. If you recall, Pellegrini already suffered a torn left ACL during last season’s preseason. A similar injury to his right is being ruled out, but further tests will likely determine the full extent of the injury, which is currently being ruled a contusion.

Roma will be waiting further news from Cagliari with baited breath in hopes that the injury is just a contusion. All involved will hope to see Pellegrini back bursting down Cagliari’s left flank sooner rather than later.