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Karsdorp Injures Leg, Out 3-4 Weeks

Pretty Ricky's latest injury is Roma's 44th muscular injury of the season!

Chievo Verona v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Rick Karsdorp is injured. Roma's 24-year-old perpetually injured fullback suffered yet another muscular malady on Sunday during Roma's 1-0 victory over Sampdoria. While the exact nature of the injury wasn't revealed, Karsdorp is believed to have some sort of strain to his right leg, one which will keep him sidelined for three to four weeks.

At the beginning of the season you should have received an AS Roma Welcome Packet from your Human Resources representative. Please turn to page 24 and remove the AS Roma Injury Scorecard, Form-ASR19, from the packet; it should be sandwiched in between your Hungry For Glory Mission Statement and the Hyundai Extended Warranty Program waiver.

In case you'd lost track, Karsdorp's leg injury runs our grand total to 44 muscular injuries this season. Remember, if the club meets their yearly quota of 50 muscular injuries, all staff will be invited to James Pallotta's "Show Us Your Balls” gala dinner in June. All proceeds go towards the Stadio della Roma Political Bribery Fund.

All kidding aside, what the fuck is going on in Roma's training room this season? 44 muscular injuries seems like a lot, no?

While we like to think of Karsdorp as Roma's own Mr. Glass, dig this:

Rick Karsdorp's Injury History

Prior to making the switch to Roma, Karsdorp had missed a grand total of four games with Feyenoord. Granted, he tore his meniscus at the end of his tenure there, and thus would have missed more games with them, but Karsdorp was a pretty reliable right back prior to making the switch to Roma, but since then...yikes.

This season alone, Pretty Ricky has missed 10 games due to muscle injuries and/or inflammation, and is likely to add three to four more matches to that total by the time he heals from this one.

Again, what the fuck is going on in Trigoria? I'm not physical therapist, but something has definitely seemed amiss with Roma's training program over the past few seasons, with players falling left and right with various strains and sprains to their lower extremities. And unless these players are biological anomalies or there is some sort of quick sand in the Trigoria training pitch, some of the blame has to be put on the physios this club employs.

The shame for Karsdorp is that he was just starting to show flashes of why so many people were so high on him. In 50 minutes against Samporida, Karsdorp could be seen bounding up and down the right flank, taking on and beating defenders while hitting on all of his long ball attempts and 50% of his crosses.

In physical form, stature, and demeanor, Karsdorp looks like the prototypical modern fullback, and while we can't really blame Roma's medical staff for a ruptured ACL (though I'd love to) they don't appear to be doing him any favors on his path to a complete recovery.

I'm not even sure how Roma can address and prevent these sort of things from happening at such an alarming just boggles the mind.

If I'm Rick, I just sit this one out and wait for Roma to completely clean house after Week 38, otherwise you risk subjecting yourself to the snake oil salesman in Roma's training room.