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Pallotta Denies Qatari Takeover Rumors

Omg, guys. Pallotta is hilarious.

Qatar Airways Atlanta Press Conference & Gala Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Qatar Airways

With Roma struggling to mount and sustain a healthy financial portfolio from year-to-year, at least in terms of their ability to not be coerced into forced FFP sales, not to mention the on-going Stadio della Roma nonsense, people have been speculating for months now that club President James Pallotta was growing tired of his grand experiment. So, when word broke late last week that a Qatari group was interested in branching out into Serie A, specifically with Roma or AC Milan, it made waves.

As we discussed last week, in the modern game there is really only one sure way to foment an instant turnaround: get yourself an oil benefactor. We've seen it with Chelsea, PSG and Manchester City, and in each instance those somewhat moribund or forgotten clubs became super powers, collecting league titles like little kids snatching candy at an Easter egg hunt.

James Pallotta is nothing if not a businessmen, so if an offer came his way, he'd at least have to consider it, right? Making a profit and getting out from this headache? Seems like a win-win.

Well, not so fast. Pallotta took to Twitter (who knew he was even on there, though he's lacking the official blue verified badge) to deny the rumor in the most hilarious and topical way ever:

Y’all, not only did he come with the cutting and always on point iPhone reference, he pretended he was Donald Trump...ha ha ha. Imagine that! Fake news, everyone! It's a hilarious tagline and in no way a subtle undermining of the vanguard of modern democracies. Nope, not at all. Pallotta roasted the CdS! {Heavy sarcasm in case you didn't detect it.}

Roma have changed managers. Roma have changed directors of sport. Roma have bought players. Roma have sold players. Roma have changed their medical staff. Roma have even changed their kit suppliers. Yet, here we are eight years on and their tires are still spinning.

Connect those dots and you'll see one constant: James Pallotta.