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Official: Roma Unveil New Home Kits

The squad will debut the lightning adorned shirts for Sunday’s match at the Olimpico.

As has been rumored for some time now, the Roma home kits for the 2019/20 season will feature lightning bolt accents on both the sleeves and collar. The new kits will be worn by both the men’s and women’s sides next season. So, why lightning?

At first, I didn’t understand the lightning bolts, but the rationale was explained Thursday when the kits were officially revealed by the club. Just as this year’s kit harkened back to the glory days of Ancient Rome with the Roman legion chain mail design, these kits also have a connection to Imperial Rome. This time around it is a connection to Roman mythology.

The lightning bolts are an ode to Jupiter (also known as Zeus in Greek mythology), who was the king of the Roman gods. Nike Apparel Senior Design Director Pete Hoppins explained saying,

“Roman mythology and its influence on Roman identity played a huge part in the concept. This year, Jupiter was our focus, and the lightning bolt was an obvious and powerful symbol to hone in on.”

The kits will feature the classic red tops with the yellow lightning bolts on both the collar and sleeves. The bolts will also be featured on the red socks that will be worn with the shirts. Meanwhile, Roma will return to wearing white shorts as part of the home kit.

The bolts are also said to be a nod to Roma’s nickname La Magica. That nickname is the inspiration for the upcoming season’s marketing campaign ‘It’s Magic. It’s AS Roma.’ Let’s hope lightning strikes on the pitch and Roma perform better next season wearing this kits.


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