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Telegraph: Roma Prepping Sarri Offer

Roma appear ready to move on after being ghosted by Antonio Conte.

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Chelsea v Slavia Praha - UEFA Europa League Quarter Final : Second Leg Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

We've all been there: fresh off a break-up and ready to jump back into the dating fray, you open up your trusted friend, the dating app. After reconciling your heart break and accepting your new fate, you start swiping right and left to your heart's content. After you wade through the standard profiles—women at country concerts who "love to have fun” or some shirtless dude posing with a striped bass—it happens, you land on someone seemingly tailor made for you. And sure, there's a bit of salt and pepper in the hair, but you swipe right anyway, hoping they'll respond in kind.

And then it happens, they swiped right, too! Life is good! But it gets better, you soon find out his name is Antonio, he works in sports and probably has a sexy accent. You throw your best game at him, offer to buy dinner, tell him how good he looks with that faux beard, and he plays along just enough to give you hope, and then BAM! He disappears. You, my friend, have been ghosted.

It's a shitty feeling and the coward's way out, but what can you do? You gotta move on, upward and onward and all that good stuff.

By now you can tell I'm one of the millions of jaded online daters, but we're here to talk about Roma not the idiosyncrasies of 21st century romance. After being rejected in the most brutal way possible by Antonio Conte this morning, Roma are reportedly looking to their second option, current Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri.

The Napoli-born tactician got off to a bit of a rough start at Stamford Bridge but after securing a Champions League birth for next season, not to mention reaching the semi-finals of the Europa League, Sarri seems to have survived that rough patch.

Still, rumors persist that Chelsea fans aren't too keen on Sarri, leading many to speculate about his future. According to The Telegraph, Roma are reportedly preparing an offer for Sarri, offering him a convenient escape from what might soon become an untenable situation—the fans hostility, the transfer ban, and the seemingly impossible task of keeping pace with Liverpool and City while also dealing with the impending exit of Eden Hazard.

On the spectrum of landing Claudio Ranieri as an interim manager to convincing Antonio Conte to be Roma's savior, this rumor skews towards the latter, towards impracticality.

If fans being upset with a manager were enough to coerce a club to fire a manager, Roma would hand out bi-weekly contracts to their skippers. Couple that with the fact that Sarri steadied the ship and might yet net a trophy, Chelsea might opt for continuity during a season in which they'll be hit with a transfer ban.

Now, none of that means Sarri won't want to leave, but it does suggest some impetus for Chelsea to hang onto him, despite what the fans might feel.

Chances are none of this will be settled until Serie A wraps up in a few weeks, so prepare yourself for a deluge of stories like these.