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Report: De Rossi Future in Doubt

There might not be a renewal on the table after all...

Frosinone Calcio v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

In the world of Roma, things always seem to be complicated. We tifosi suffer year after year through heartbreaking losses, player sales, coaching changes, stadium delays, and a whole lot more. We’ve seen our side finish second best a number of times to Inter and Juve over the last decade or so, with our last trophy more than a decade ago; a Coppa Italia in 2008. Yet, we remain loyal because in some ways we must feel blessed.

Why? There is just something about our often disfunctional club that continues to pull us back in after all the heartbreak and mental anguish. And the same can be said of two men, whose loyalty to the shirt knows no bounds. In fact, many of you, like myself, may have even become Roma fans because of one of those two men. Those men I refer to, of course, are Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi. Two men that have become synonymous with the name Roma over the majority of my lifetime.

About 15 years ago when I really started following calcio, Totti made me fall in love with the club. And in that time he and De Rossi have been constants. The two men have become the physical embodiment of loyalty in an age where the word is often preached rather than practiced. That is something we Romanisti can boast that many a bigger club can not.

However, if reports are to be believed, we may be seeing the last days of an era. Just two seasons ago we had to tearfully bid farewell to the playing days of Totti. Now, Corriere dello Sport is reporting that we may have to do the same for De Rossi, perhaps a year sooner than anticipated.

If Totti is the King of Roma, akin to the emperors of the city’s glory days, De Rossi is crafted in the mold of the general leading the legions to glory. De Rossi’s grinta and fight is unparalleled and it’s those traits that have endeared him to Romanisti and made him my hands down favorite player.

Now, if reports are to be believed we may not get another season of Capitano Futuro patrolling the Olimpico midfield. CdS reports that contract negotiations on a renewal are “on ice” and have stalled. What once looked like a given back in February, no longer seems to be so.

According to the report, it’s likely that De Rossi’s playing future will likely be decided after a conversation with whoever becomes Roma’s next manager. If DDR does decide not to renew and hang up the playing boots he won’t be leaving the club altogether.

Like Totti, who took up an immediate role with management, De Rossi is expected to have a coaching role at the club. CdS says that De Rossi would take up a position coaching in the youth ranks. As De Rossi fights to be fit to take on Juve on Sunday, keep in mind the idea that these could be his last matches in a Roma shirt. Appreciate the fight and grinta as much as possible in the event that this is the end. However, if you’re like me you’ll be hoping for just one more year of Capitano Futuro. That way he can get a proper send off, one that someone who has given so much for the crest deserves.