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Report: Totti's Future as Technical Director in Doubt

A club legend being short shrifted by Pallotta and don't say?

Genoa CFC v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

I'm not entirely sure what a technical director does at a football club, especially among the hoard of other directors employed at football clubs, and if you're being honest with yourself, you probably don't either. However, I do know one thing for certain, given all that Francesco Totti means to Roma fans, the validity of his position in any administrative role for Roma matters a lot. In other words, just parading Totti around with some title is an insult to everyone involved, but especially to the man who is ostensibly Roma incarnate.

While Totti's exact role the past two seasons probably defied definitions, we could at least chalk up that ambiguity to his inexperience; he's a luminary figure in club history and was just learning the ropes behind Monchi, so a lack of a title or clear cut responsibilities was somewhat understandable.

However, with yet another regime change in Roma, it seemed like Totti was primed to take on a larger role in the front office; specifically, that of technical director. Working alongside the sporting director, Totti was supposed to have a direct say in personnel selections, transfer decisions and Roma's biennial managerial search.

While rumors abound that Totti was being offered that role, no official press release had been issued, Totti hadn't confirmed or denied anything, and when you factor in the influence of James Pallotta's trusted adviser Franco Baldini and their new CEO Guido Finega, Roma’s front office seemed like a maze of overlapping jurisdictions.

Still, this is Francesco Totti we're talking about, surely they wouldn't cast him out into the cold again, right?

Nope. When it comes to Roma legends and the integrity of the club, nothing is sacred anymore, not with this administration. Per Calciomercato, the Roma brass not only haven't finalized Totti's new position, he wasn't even included in the discussions surrounding the hiring of Paulo Fonseca, an awkward situation that may have been influenced by the strained relationship between Baldini and Totti.

For his part, Totti was rather coy:

Loosely translated, Totti is simply telling us we'll hear his version when the time and place are right. Fair enough.

This is obviously a touchy subject for Roma fans, but for me it boils down to this: Totti's legacy as a player doesn't actually entitle him to an actual decision making role within Roma's administration (though it may feel like it), but he was given a position in which he was supposed to grow into that role, and if he's not cut out for it fine, but don't play these bullshit passive aggressive games with him.

He deserves more respect than that. Anyone does. So if Totti decides to just walk away, I'm sure I won't be the only one applauding his decision.