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CdS: Totti to Leave Roma Next Week

Probably the right move for the Roma icon at this point in time.

‘Oscar Del Calcio AIC’ Italian Football Awards Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Following his "retirement” two years ago, Roma fans were understandably quite nervous about Francesco Totti's next career move. Given all that he meant to us, it was imperative that whatever path he chose was dignified and worthy of a man of his stature and esteem. While it would have been tough to see him play for another club, if that's what he truly wanted to do, I'm not sure any of us would have begrudged him that choice.

However, rather than working his magic on the pitch for another club, Totti decided to remain loyal to the only team he's ever known. By accepting a director role with the club, working alongside Monchi and Mauro Baldissoni, it was assumed that Totti's apprenticeship would eventually yield some actual responsibilities and perhaps even a line of succession behind either man.

And while his first year on the job seemed more like an ambassadorship than a learning experience, Totti's influence in finding Eusebio Di Francesco's immediate replacement seemed to indicate his role was growing by the week. Sure, he probably wasn't scouring the globe for talent yet, but if you squinted real hard, you could see Totti, somewhere in the not too distant future, wheeling and dealing, signing players and recruiting prospects.

It was a wonderful vision, but one that was probably too good to be true. And in the weeks and months that have passed since Totti helped bring Claudio Ranieri aboard, his role and influence have reportedly fallen pray to the evil machinations of Roma's hidden executives.

All of which leads us to this:

Since the close of the season we operated under the assumption that Totti was indeed being offered a more precise role (technical director), but with nary a word or update, rumors began to fly: Was it actually being offered or was this merely a symbolic gesture?

Late last week Totti issued a cryptic Tweet letting us all know we'd hear his side of the story soon. And that soon, per the CdS, could be Monday. And that announcement will likely be his resignation from Roma.

According to this rumor Totti has informed the powers that be, namely new CEO Guido Fienga, that his current position with Roma has become untenable, reportedly due to his lack of actual influence in the club's decision making process, which may or may not be related to his deteriorating relationship with the front office.

Whatever the case may be, Totti will let the world know on Monday at the Olimpico. No word on whether or not he'll go the scorched Earth route like Daniele De Rossi, but I'm sure I speak for many of us when I say, good for him.

Totti is far too important to Roma to remain some sort token of figurehead, and if he's sincere in his desire to become a sporting director or executive, then this Roma is probably the worst place to achieve that, so it's probably best that he walks away on his own terms while he can.