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CdS: De Rossi Considered for U-21 Coach

Another in a long line of options for Roma's former captain.

Spain v Italy - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Offers from nearly every corner of the club to continue his playing career speaks volumes about Daniele De Rossi's standing in the game, except with, you know, the team with which he spent the past twenty years. With DDR fielding offers from Boca Juniors, several MLS sides and even a few shot-in-the-dark offers from Serie A clubs, it's clear as day: De Rossi the player is still a pretty sought after commodity by clubs who value experienced and intelligent midfielders more than the whisperings of clandestine club advisers.

But what if De Rossi charted another path all together? What if he, like so many of us, followed in his father's footsteps?

The CdS just added an interesting wrinkle to the "What's next for De Rossi?” story, suggesting that he's being considered by the FIGC to take over the Under-21 side after the European Championships conclude. While the Azzurrini's Euro fates still remain in the balance, the CdS believes current coach Luigi Di Biagio will be shown the door either way, potentially paving the way for De Rossi to begin his coaching career.

While De Rossi has been adamant that he wishes to continue playing, people have long speculated that he'd follow his father's footsteps into the coaching ranks, and manning the U21s might be the perfect introduction into coaching.

The full article is behind a paywall and the Football Italia translation is rather sparse, but it seems that the promise of working with Azzurri head coach Roberto Mancini could lure De Rossi away from those other playing offers, presumably putting DDR on the fast track to a senior coaching position himself.

The coaching path will always remain open for De Rossi, so odds are, if he truly wants to keep lacing ‘em up, De Rossi will jump at one of his many offers and save his time on the touchline for a later date.

I know we mentioned it at the beginning, but with Nicolas Burdisso alternating between the hard press and the soft touch to get De Rossi to Boca, with LAFC, NYFC and Inter Miami hoping to bring him stateside and now with Italy offering him a genuine chance to join the ranks of the Azzurri, De Rossi remains as sought after as he ever was.

You'd be hard pressed to find a player more universally respected than Daniele De Rossi, and in addition to speaking to that respect and admiration, the host of legitimate opportunities being made available to him makes the token director role Roma offered look even more insulting.

So, in the parlance of our times, you do you, Daniele. You've earned it.