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Sky: Luca Pellegrini + €10 M Heading to Juve for Spinazzola

Sell ‘Em All!!!!

Italy Stage - Day One Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, during his press conference/unrelenting roasting of Roma's brass, Francesco Totti warned that the current administration was trying to remove Romans from Roma. Ordinarily, his comments could have been dismissed as an emotional response from a clearly upset Totti, but taken in the wake of Daniele De Rossi's unceremonious “retirement” and the subsequent rumors of Alessandro Florenzi leaving, Totti's foreboding suddenly looks spot on.

And no, we're not talking about this morning's rumor of Daniele De Rossi signing on with Fiorentina (which looks DOA now that De Rossi is reconsidering his future), we're talking about a decidedly younger Roman.

According to Sky Sport transfer guru Gianluca Di Marzio, Roma are set to ship Luca Pellegrini off to Juventus in exchange for Leonardo Spinazzola, Juve's 26-year-old left back. In addition to gifting Juventus an incredibly talented and young left back prodigy, Roma will also kick in an extra €10 million for shits and giggles.

Spinazzola started his career off with Siena but was quickly transferred to Juventus in 2012 and has spent the ensuing seven years on a series of loans, honing his craft for everyone from Empoli to Siena to Vicenza to Perugia and most recently with Atalanta. Spinazzola remained with the Old Lady last season, for whom he made ten league appearances.

Spinazzola, like Pellegrini, is a left back and has also torn his ACL, but unlike Luca, Spinazzola doesn't have the benefit of time on his hands. Sure, he's only 26-years-old, and were Roma in a win-now mode this move would make sense, but sacrificing Pellegrini's future for Spinazzola’s decidedly average present boggles the mind. In the end this is most likely the result of Roma's horrific decision making over the past several seasons, and coupled with their inability to sell Edin Dzeko or Gerson prior to June 30th likely prompted this move.

Anyway, the rumor holds that each player will take their respective medicals in the coming days.

If it's Roma and it's summer, that can only mean one thing...