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Report: De Rossi to End Playing Career

It seems that we won’t see Capitano Futuro in another shirt after all.

Daniele De Rossi leaves AS Roma after 18 years Photo by Massimo Insabato/Archivio Massimo Insabato/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

We pondered whether Daniele De Rossi would follow the romantic storyline of heading to Argentina to play for Boca, follow the American Dream in Los Angeles, or even do the unthinkable and wear the shirt of another Italian club. However, after weeks of speculation about where De Rossi’s playing career would take him next, it seems like we may finally have an answer: He actually won’t do any of those things, as Sky is reporting that De Rossi will hang up his boots and call it quits on his playing career. De Rossi has yet to make an official announcement, however.

The motive behind this decision seems not to be for lack of offers or desire to continue playing, but from another stronger factor: family. Sky states that De Rossi’s biggest reason for deciding against playing elsewhere is a lack of desire to uproot his family from Rome.

We’ve said all along that De Rossi still has plenty to offer from a playing perspective. He may no longer be the World Class midfielder who can put a team on his back week in and week out; players in his position don’t age quite as gracefully, as say a center back. Nevertheless, his nearly 36 year old brain more than makes up for what’s left in those aging legs, and he certainly could’ve given someone else 15-20 quality games.

According to the report, De Rossi’s future lies on the sidelines. The Roma legend is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps and begin a coaching career. De Rossi already holds a basic coaching license (level c) with the Italian federation as a World Cup winner. He would have to complete the Supercorsa Coverciano in order to get his UEFA Pro license.

If these reports are accurate and DDR wants to get into the coaching ranks soon, we do not have to wait long to see him prowling the sidelines. It’s been speculated in recent weeks that Roberto Mancini holds De Rossi in high regard and would like him to join his Azzurri staff.

This announcement has a bittersweet feel for me. While I don’t necessarily mind not seeing De Rossi in the jersey of another team, particularly an Italian one, the fact that he didn’t get to end his career on his terms hurts. I don’t like seeing my favorite player, who still has quality play left in his legs, having to call it a career in this way. However, I look forward to the day that I see him patrolling the Azzurri sidelines and hopefully one day leading our Roman gladiators into battle once again.