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Andrine Hegerberg Reveals Her Roma Roots

Turns out, Andrine Hegerberg was destined to be a Roma player all along.

AS Roma Women

When Roma first landed PSG midfielder Andrine Hegerberg as part of their seven day swoop in late July, the obvious story line was to play up her family roots. Hegerberg, of course, shares the same last name (as well as some DNA) with Ada Hegerberg, recipient of the first ever female Ballon d’Or, not mention winning four Champions League titles with Lyon. It was the obvious story line (they're sisters after all) but we did our best to shed light on Andrine's individual talents and playing style when we first discussed the signing—she's going to do a lot of little things that will have a huge impact on the midfield—and while her performance on the pitch will be her true legacy, her backstory is already winning the hearts and minds of Roma fans.

From announcing her signing in pretty fluent Italian to paying homage to Roma's resident Norwegian legend, John Arne Riise, Hegerberg hit all the right notes for Roma fans, a tune she's continued to master as the season approached. With a little help from her sister, Hegerberg's Roma roots have begun to surface.

Hegerberg opened up on her days as a tiny tifoso in an interview with the club's official site earlier today:

Yes, my friends, it appears as though both Hegerbergs were Roma fans in their younger days, brought to the fold like so many of us through the magic of Francesco Totti and cable television. And thanks to a family trip to the capital and one serendipitous trip to a Roma store, that curiosity soon solidified into a full blown passion for Andrine. From Totti to cable TV exposure to the beauty of the shirts, it's astounding how similar her story is to so many of ours...except, you know, she gets to play for Roma.

There’s just something about this shirt that draws people in, and Hegerberg is proof positive that passion never fades and can sometimes produce beautiful moments like these.

The Giallorosse kick off their sophomore campaign on September 14th against AC Milan, and if Roma become a serious threat for the Scudetto, you can bet your bottom dollar Hegerberg and the rest of Roma's revamped midfield will be heavily involved.