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Devid Bouah Tears ACL in Left Knee

Crushing news for one of Roma's best young prospects, who had only just returned following an ACL injury in his right knee.

AS Roma v Avellino - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Silvia Lore/NurPhoto via Getty Images

When I started this gig many years ago, I never envisioned dedicating this much time to covering injuries. Sure, it's a part of any sport, but the pace and extent with which Roma players have pulled up lame over the past several years has truly been astounding. Whether it's the minor muscle strains that seem to pop up every week or the devastating ligament tears that have hovered over Roma like a storm cloud, we're seemingly never far away from muscular misfortune.

Given the rate with which Roma are forced to deal with injuries great and small, folks around the Romaverse (and presumably within the club itself) have been desperate to find someone or something to blame. Roma has made significant changes to their training staff in the recent past, but the injuries persist, leading some to blame the quality of the turf at Trigoria, Roma's hallowed training ground.

While that may be a difficult theory to prove, Roma was once again dealt and swift and stunning injury blow, this time at Stadio Tre Fontane. Devid Bouah, Roma's 17-year-old Primavera full-back, and our ninth rated U-23 prospect, had literally just returned from rehabbing a torn ACL in his right knee to make his season debut against Chievo Verona only to be taken down in the area midway through today's match, and, well, the news is not good.

Bouah, who was linked with a move to Juventus this summer, has now torn the ACL in his left knee, putting his promising career on hold once more. The club were quick to wish Bouah well, and while rehabbing from multiple ACL injuries isn’t without precedent, Roma has actually faced this before when Alessandro Florenzi suffered tears in successive seasons.

It won't be easy, but luckily Bouah has youth on his side.