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Spinazzola Fitness Test Delaying Politano Transfer Swap

Ruh roh.

Football Europa League Roma-Wolfsberger

As Roma fans we're no strangers to injuries, medical reports, and the dreaded trips to Villa Stuart. From their litany of ACL tears to the rash of muscle strains we've seen over the years, many a Roma season has been waylaid by injuries grand and small. But that's just the cost of doing business, injuries happen in sports (though Roma seems to endure them at an alarming rate), but seldom do we see injuries delay Roma's business off the pitch.

Until today...

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Roma’s acquisition of Matteo Politano has hit a Leonardo Spinazzola-sized snag. With both players taking their standard medical exams yesterday—even posing for photos in the exam rooms—Politano was actually expected to be called up for Roma's Coppa Italia match against Parma tomorrow.

However, the scarf/awkward handshake photo has not yet materialized, and Spinazzola's lingering medical issues could be the cause. While the deal in and of itself is not yet in jeopardy, Inter Milan, and more specifically Antonio Conte, have requested additional tests on Spinazzola—fitness tests in particular, which are not standard operating procedure in transfers.

According to Sky, Conte wants to establish a new threshold for all future transfers, requiring additional tests of all new signings. What's more, Inter are using this delay to try to change the terms of the deal. What was initially conceived of as a straight-swap/permanent deal is no longer satisfactory for Inter, who are trying to reshape the deal as an exchange loan with an option to buy come June.

All of which has Roma, you know, kinda pissed. While no one has yet suggested the deal could torpedo, Di Marzio expects a resolution (one way or another) around lunch time tomorrow.

We're all excited about getting Politano back, but this would be the most Roma thing to ever Roma Roma.