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Report: Friedkin Takeover of Roma Moving to “Closing Phase”

Earlier today, RomaPress confirmed with Friedkin's representatives that the final due diligence has been completed, meaning we're mere weeks away from a changing of the guard.

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I'm not sure about all of you, but when I conduct my billion dollar transactions, I like to take my time. When you're spending almost ten figures, there are no lemon laws, no 30-day guarantees, and there is no secondary market on which you can erase your mistakes by foisting them on someone else. Perhaps it's due to the greater saturation of Roma coverage this time around (particularly in English), but Dan Friedkin's impending takeover of Roma has seemingly moved at a more measured pace than Thomas Di Benedetto's purchase in 2011, which went from rumor to fact rather quickly, (or at least it appeared that way) because no one was really tracking it with the same intensity.

So, in that light, full marks once again to RomaPress for their working tracking and breaking the news as it comes. Case in point:

Per RP, who have been in contact with the Friedkin Group's legal representatives, the deal for Roma has moved into the "closing phase” now that Friedkin and his team have done their due diligence, which probably ranges from verifying the financial figures to taking stock of the toilet paper rolls in Trigoria—they have quilted double ply, y’all, so you know people are stealing that on the reg.

All jokes aside, this due diligence appears to be the last bit of leg work before all parties involve sign the final contracts, meaning Roma could be in Friedkin's hands sometime around Valentine's Day.

Roma have some outstanding pieces in place, including a top manager in the making, so whatever financial stability this deal provides could go a long way towards lifting Roma up another peg in Italy and Europe.