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El Shaarawy Shares De Rossi's Farewell Speech

A rare glimpse into the Roma locker room, and an emotional one at that.

AS Roma v Frosinone Calcio - Serie A Photo by NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Daniele De Rossi's official retirement from football yesterday was a bit of an odd affair. While De Rossi officially and finally said goodbye to his playing career yesterday, Roma fans dealt with the emotional blow of losing the legendary club captain back in May, and if you're anything like me, you were completely spent already. So rather than rehashing the ugly ending to his Roma career, we took to Twitter to once again (feebly, I might add) express what De Rossi meant to us.

In sum, De Rossi—through his grit, unbridled passion and enthusiasm for the club and sport itself—was somehow more relatable to the common fan than someone like Francesco Totti, whose otherworldly skills made him seem heaven sent. As we said above, there's no judgement here, what made them special was just slightly different.

And if you identify with that sentiment then losing De Rossi probably stung a bit worse, but about an hour ago Stephan El Shaarawy peeled the curtains back on the moments just before De Rossi said goodbye to his boyhood club.

I'm not quite sure how El Shaarawy pulled this off—is that an actual club camera or just his phone—but it's a shame you couldn't see more of De Rossi, but if you cycle through to the second clip, you can hear De Rossi's quick but rousing message to his mates before his final match last May.

Per chi ho corso, per chi ho lottato, per chi son morto” ROMA ROMA ROMA !!!

There will NEVER be another Daniele De Rossi.