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Across the Romaverse, Episode II: Juve Recap, Transfer Rumors, Udinese Preview & Confronting the Pronunciation Police

Episode II of our podcasts critiques pronunciation, predicts Roger Ibañez's future and asks which Roma player would you clone?

AS Roma v Juventus FC - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Maffia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

In our very first episode of Across the Romaverse—our brand new podcast—we discussed managerial rumors, the clerical error against Hellas Verona and the myth of Roman Exceptionalism. We had a blast recording it and appreciated all the positive and constructive feedback we received over the past few days. We had so much fun that we're back with a new episode already, where we shift the focus to the transfer market, discussing Borja Mayoral's likely role with his new club, the ongoing Chris Smalling negotiations and who on earth could possibly help Roma at right-back.

ATR is still a work in progress—and once again I neglected to lead into the ad break!—but after only two episodes, it’s already proving to be an effective and entertaining vehicle to deepen our calcio conversations. We're still getting to know one another in real life, so the flow, camaraderie and chemistry will continue to improve as the episodes roll on.

So, give it a listen (it should be on Spotify, iTunes and Stitcher by now, with Google still pending) and please let us know what you think: what could we improve, are there any features or segments you might like, particular topics you'd want to hear about etc.

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