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Across the Romaverse Podcast, Episode 9: Best Halloween Candies, Fiorentina Preview & More

Pancakes, candy, music and Sunday's fixture—we covered it all with our friends at Viola Nation.

Florence v Roma X

Halloween is a time for indulgence, entertainment and scaring your neighbors, three phenomena that we can also apply to tomorrow's Roma and Fiorentina fixture. Although the stadium will be empty, there will be no shortage of entertainment as the Giallorossi and Fiorentina feature some of the league's best young players, while the clubs’ shared penchant for epic collapses can scare even the most ardent Roma or Fiorentina fan.

In order to get an insider's perspective on tomorrow's fixture, we turned to Tito from Viola Nation, SB Nation's Fiorentina site. Before we jumped into the specifics of Sunday's fixture, Tito and I hit on a host of topics, including:

  • What's the best Halloween candy?
  • Our favorite costumes as kids
  • Whether or not footballers can get the yips
  • Tito's favorite drummers
  • What makes Gaetano Castrovilli so special
  • Bart Dragowski's beard and the disappearance of Jose Callejon's mustache.

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