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Friedkin Group Leaves Italy, Negotiations Continue, Deal to close in the U.S.

According to reports, the deal will close soon in the states.

Alfred Dunhill Links Championship - Day Four Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images

As we’ve said so many times in these spaces, nothing with Roma is simple. From larger issues like transfer policy, player sales, and year-to-year results to smaller concerns like, oh, I don't know, the font choice on the shirts, Roma seldom draws a straight line through anything; there are always deviations, debates and distractions. Like the Mandalorians say: “This is the way.”

But, if we're being real, with very few exceptions, that's the way it should be. Sports may just be entertainment to us, but to those working with and for the clubs, reputations, jobs and livelihoods are at stake. So, when it comes to the pending sale of the club from James Pallotta to Dan Friedkin—a potential €1 billion transaction—patience is the key. Quite honestly, if they were whipping through this, we should be concerned. Roma isn't just AS Roma, there are a host of subsidiaries, holding companies and creditors to consider, so there are a lot of legal bases to cover before the club is delivered to Friedkin.

However, with word that the Friedkin Group have returned to America, I can't help but think they're pulling a page from the Michael Scott playbook, Somehow I Manage, and turning the tables on Pallotta ala Michael to Darryl.

Sadly for The Office fans among you, that is not the case. While the presumptive closing date has shifted from New Year's Day to January 26th to sometime around Valentine's Day, the latest reports indicate the deal will take a bit longer than anticipated. With the deal down to the final financial details, RomaPress reports that the parties will reconvene in either Houston or Boston to close the deal, though no one has speculated when exactly that will occur.

As fans, all we can really hope is that the deal is in place before the summer transfer window begins, and if Roma can claim a Champions League place before then, well, all the better.