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Reports: Friedkin to Sign Preliminary Contacts Wednesday

The penultimate step in Dan Friedkin's takeover of Roma is set to take place in New York on Wednesday.

Premiere Of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s “All The Money In The World” - Arrivals Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

With Roma riding high on a three-match winning streak, one in which they have poured in nine goals, we turn our attention to the 800 pound (or should I say Texas-sized?) gorilla in the room: Dan Friedkin's impending takeover of A.S. Roma, a story that came in like a lion late in the fall and appears to be tiptoeing its way out like a lamb.

While we averted the half-baked rumors of a last minute change of heart, the updates have been few and far between. Since Friedkin's reps landed in Italy a few weeks ago to iron out the final details, it seemed like an official announcement would come before they headed back home. When that announcement never came, sources close to the situation indicated the preliminary paper work would be signed in Houston in late February, an event that obviously never came to pass since it's now, you know, March.

However, according to the Corriere dello Sport, the scene has shifted....

With all the paperwork collated, stapled and maybe spritzed with cologne, Friedkin and Pallotta will reportedly sign the preliminary paperwork Wednesday in New York. According to the CdS, Friedkin will have to review, approve and sign off on 12 separate contracts, one for each the companies under the Roma umbrella changing hands.

According the CdS, Friedkin will pay approximately €720 million for Roma and all it's various entities, with Pallotta kicking in €20 million in recapitalization (on top of the €60 million he already provided), while Friedkin will pony up €50 million in additional capital.

Following this preliminary paperwork, it's believed the deal will officially close in mid-April, with Pallotta and his crew making some €80 million from the deal, half of which his reportedly going straight to Pallotta.

We're not completely out of the woods yet, but these preliminary contracts should be the final hurdle before the official takeover come spring.