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Just In Time: Things Are Starting To Click For Kluivert

With back to back goals against Gent and Cagliari, Justin is finally fulfilling his potential in Rome

Cagliari Calcio v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images

We all know Justin Kluivert isn’t going to be the goal scoring machine like his father Patrick was. Daddy Kluivert was a striker while Justin likes to roam on the wings, dribble and run past defenders and try to score outside or around the box. A different type of player than his father but in my honest opinion a more beautiful player.

Fast, unpredictable, and a real threat on counters. For Fonseca’s formation and football ideas, these traits are a blessing. He’s short, but for his position, that’s rather an advantage. Quick and agile, Kluivert is more lively and mobile than say a winger who’s 190cm tall and weighs 85 kilos.

Now, let me get this out of the way: Justin is still 20 years old, a diamond in the rough and by no means the finished product. He can disappear in games and be frustrating to watch at times. His ceiling, however, is sky-high. He just needs to work on his flaws and feel the confidence of a coach. Don’t forget he’s playing with that famous last name on the back of his shirt, a name which rings a bell everywhere in Europe. It’s a burden but at the same time a blessing, because young Justin has undoubtedly got the same football DNA like his dad Patrick.

Last season, Justin scored just one goal in 29 Serie A games. He had a handful of assists but obviously those stats need to improve if he wants to seal his spot in Rome and by extend the Roman Hall of Fame. This season (before the double confrontation with Gent) he looked a bit better, with 3 goals in Serie A and 2 in the Europa League. Not really Messi-esque, but acceptable nonetheless, keeping in mind his age and limited experience in a European top league. Again, this a 20-year-old we’re talking about, next to Zaniolo the youngest field player on the team.

However, in the space of four days, Kluivert suddenly scored back to back goals (first time since September 2019) and looks like a revived man kid . Remember, before the game Gent match, Kluivert didn’t score in fifteen matches (albeit missing a few). His previous goal was on December 1st against Hellas Verona. That’s a long time for someone who plays up front in a formation of a supposedly ‘attack-minded coach’.

Confidence is key, especially for a young boy. And no matter how good he plays at Roma, unless you’re called Totti or De Rossi, you’ll always be judged on your numbers. With 4 Serie A goals and 3 EL ones so far, Justin is slowly but surely working on that flaw. I don’t expect him to reach 30+ goals but surely he’s talented enough to aim for the double-double mark (goals-assists) in a year or two, kinda like Insigne.

Sadly, that will be the point where Barcelona will come knocking on our door for his signature and just like his dad, he won’t be able to withstand. But hey, let’s not rush it. He’s got plenty of time and with one and a half seasons at Roma under belt, and playing for three different coaches, he’s already learned and grown a lot. It will make him stronger and it’s only a matter of time before goals and assists will follow. I believe in this kid. And in Jesus and a favorable tax rate as well, but especially in Justin.

With a very important showndown against Sevilla coming up and the race for fourth place in full swing, Kluivert’s Roman resurgence might come… wait for it... Justin time.