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All Serie A Matches Behind Closed Doors Through April 3rd

Moments ago the league confirmed all Serie A matches will remain behind closed doors for the next month due to concerns related to the Coronavirus.

An official Nike Serie A ball over a pedestal with Serie A... Photo by Andrea Staccioli/LightRocket via Getty Images

With the Coronavirus sweeping through Italy, the country's sports and entertainment industries were already in uncharted waters, so much so that the government briefly entertained the notion of cancelling all sporting events for 30 days, a measure that has thankfully not come to pass.

Moments ago, league officials confirmed a sweeping but less drastic measure:

According to multiple reports, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has decreed that all Serie A matches will be played behind closed doors through April 3rd. Additionally, all clubs will be required to check club personnel for Corona symptoms. This decree follows an earlier decision by the government to close all schools and universities through at least March 15th.

While nothing has been confirmed by the league, this weekend's schedule should look like this:

Saturday March 7

Sunday March 8

In terms of Roma's schedule, they'll likely receive a de facto bye-week this weekend, while their closed door fixtures will include.

  • Home against Sampdoria on the 15th
  • Home against Sevilla on the 19th
  • Away to Milan on the 22nd.

Quite a mess indeed, but considering the broader circumstances, they're doing quite well at maintaining some normalcy.

Updates as they come...