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Report: Bonaventura to Sign with Roma Next Season

Reports out of Bergamo indicate that Bonaventura will eschew several offers to sign with Roma next season.

FBL-ITA-SERIE A-ROMA-MILAN Photo credit should read ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP via Getty Images

In a time of financial uncertainty, the likelihood that any club goes hog wild on the transfer-market is probably pretty slim. Without even knowing when play will resume or what match day revenue will look like this season or next, there are simply too many unknowns for clubs to spend as they always have. Given that, as we've discussed over the past few months, the free agent market takes on added importance.

Earlier this spring, we ran through the abundance of talent available on the Bosman market, including the likes of Jan Vertonghen, Mario Götze and Edinson Cavani. Roma may yet land one (or possibly more) of those names, but if the Corriere di Bergamo is correct then the Giallorossi may have just landed their first free agent signing of the season.

Earlier this evening, Football Italia picked up on a story from the Corriere di Bergamo that reports current AC Milan midfielder Giacomo Bonaventura, whose contract expires on June 30th (or whenever the season officially concludes), has chose our very own AS Roma over the likes of Atalanta, Torino and Arsenal.

I'm not familiar with the reputation of the CdB, but this would certainly be welcome news. Bonaventura can play pretty much anywhere in midfield and is only two-years removed from an eight goal and three assist campaign for AC Milan. Depending on his salary demands, this is a pretty low risk for Roma, but it's not a sure thing—old Nick from New Girl has missed significant time over the past several years, including nearly the entirety of the ‘18-’19 season following knee surgery.

We've been touting Bonaventura as a possibility for Roma throughout the entire pandemic, but this update was still a bit surprising, for no other reason than it offers a lot of certainty in a climate that is anything but.

Stay tuned to this one, but if Bonaventura can even chip in 1,800 minutes or so, he'll drastically alter the pecking order in Roma's midfield.