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Wednesday Updates: Petrachi Being Pushed Out, No Schick Discount & More

Is more upheaval on the cards for Roma?

Gianluca Petrachi, sporting director of AS Roma, looks on... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Another day, another set of rumors. I remain cautiously optimistic that we'll have actual match previews, reviews and highlights before the summer is gone, but for now the Romasphere has several interesting rumors to kick off your day.

No discount for Schick | Football Italia

Remember that €25 million discounted price for Patrik Schick we reported on the other day? Yeah, forget it. According to some Italian sources, Roma have no intention of granting Leipzig a three million discount on the 24-year-old forward.

Call me crazy, but if Roma will not give a discount and have no other viable suitors willing to pay nearly €30 million for Schick, bring him back and give him a shot.

Roma Transfer Market Odds

Il Romanista takes on Roma's right-back headache, giving odds of returning to each of Roma's current right-backs: Peres, Florenzi, Zappacosta and Karsdorp, and wraps it up by discussing the club's top target, Bologna's Takeyro Tomiyasu.

VIDEO - Here is Campo Testaccio after the works, Frongia: “It is being reborn”

Nothing on the pitch related here, but it seems like there is an effort underway to revive one of Roma’s original grounds, Campo Testaccio, into something useful. Regardless of where you live, I’m sure there are similar areas in your town: old areas of public use and interest that have fallen into disrepair. I find it fascinating to see how different communities approach these “zombie properties.”

Stadio della Roma, Raggi: "The dossier is on the table, the project goes on"

In actual stadium news, Virginia Raggi, the mayor Rome, gave some terse updates on the Stadio della Roma project, which is now over 3,000 days old.

"The stadium is moving forward, the dossier is on the table . We will talk when the time is right. There are many issues and we are privileging the opening of construction sites."

Thanks, Virginia.

Petrachi's relationship with Roma fraying, Massara linked with another return -

I'm not even sure where to begin on this one. Throughout the whole Friedkin takeover saga, we spoke about the possibility, however remote it may have been, that a new ownership might want to completely clean house; sacking both Paulo Fonseca and Gianluca Petrachi. We have no way to substantiate that, but for a new owner looking to make their own mark, it wouldn't have been that far fetched.

What we didn't expect, however, was Petrachi being fired regardless of who's signing the checks, but according to today's rumors, that's now a possibility. With his relationship with the club supposedly deteriorating, Petrachi could be given his walking papers and replaced with former Sabatini right-hand man, Ricky Massara.

Outside of the context of a new owner cleaning house, I'm not sure I understand this move at all. Petrachi did a remarkable job under less than ideal conditions this past summer, finding temporary homes for all of Monchi's mistakes, getting Smalling and Mkhitaryan on loan and landing Diawara and Veretout to man Fonseca's double pivot. For the first time in ages, it seemed like the DS and manager were on the same page.

Let's hope there's no substance to this one, because this would be an unjust dismissal.

Roma working on Kean deal | Football Italia

We mentioned Moise Kean as a throw in to yesterday's news round-up, but not long after that piece went live, Calciomercato passed along an interesting update; one that might make the Kean doubters among us reconsider.

According to this rumor, Mino Raiola is doing his best super-agent work to facilitate a Kean to Roma move. Per this source, Kean would arrive at Roma on an initial loan (possibly even a two year loan) with an option to buy, rumored to be in the €20 to €22 million range.

If you find faults with Kean as nothing more than a poacher, would those more favorable financials change your opinion this move at all?