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CdT Fan Survey: Roma’s State of the Union

Tell us what you think: is Roma heading in the right direction?

Paulo Fonseca Roma coach greets the fans during the match of... Photo by Vincenzo Izzo/LightRocket via Getty Images

With 10 matches remaining, Roma's season is far from over, but following yesterday’s dismal performance certain objectives we'd hope the club would achieve back in August (Champions League qualification) are likely out of the club's grasp at the moment. Combine that with the perpetual uncertainty in the front office, and Roma are seemingly always on the precipice of something; change, doom, revolution, rebirth.

While we like to maintain a certain quasi-journalistic standard around here, we are as unabashedly in love with this club as you are, prone to the wild and chaotic swings of emotion that come with following a football club with so much fervor. We use data and primary sources to inform our opinions, but we're not so arrogant as to believe that our views represent the entire fan-base, so we're turning it over to you this time—tell us what you think of Roma's current state of affairs.

The season isn’t over, but we can't shake the feeling that we're in for a seismic shift this summer, which makes now a perfect time for a summative assessment, an AS Roma State of the Union, if you will.

The following survey touches on most of the big-picture issues currently facing the club and includes multiple choice and short answer options. A number two pencil is required, and, yes, this will go on your report card. If the embed isn't showing, the survey can be completed here.

Thank you for your time, and check-in next week for the results!