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Report Speculates Roma Could Replace Fonseca with Spalletti

Third time's the charm, right?

Luciano Spalletti, head coach of FC Internazionale, looks on... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Ordinarily, there's a lot of gray area in what constitutes a story fit for a Twitter thread versus an actual post; most of which depends on the extent to which the Tweet is supported by a primary source and/or corroborated by other journalists. This is not one of those times. Any time the words ‘Luciano’ ‘Spalletti’ and ‘Roma’ appear in the same sentence, we're honor bound to act. And when taken with this afternoon's news that Daniele De Rossi will be Fiorentina’s next manager, we simply couldn't ignore this rumor, which was, let's face it, inevitable.

According to Schira, the chaos and uncertainty within Roma's management group could lead to yet another managerial change this summer. As you can see, Schira reports that Franco Baldini, the invisible hand guiding all of Roma's decisions now, is not satisfied with Paulo Fonseca's performance and will seek to replace him at the end of the season with none other than Luciano Spalletti.

I'd love to know where Schira found this information—Spalletti was literally mentioned as the next Viola coach just this morning—but of all the men to return to Roma's bench, Spalletti stirs up the most volatile mixture of reactions. For every Spalletti-phile (raises hand) there's an equal and opposite reaction; the segment of fans who don't find Spalletti particularly innovative or dependable.

Even I—as unabashed a supporter of Spalletti as you're likely to find—have a hard time believing a third tenure on the Roma bench is in the cards for the 61-year-old manager. But, as crazy as a third reunion might sound right now, this rumor is the perfect encapsulation of Roma at the moment—chaos has crept so slowly and so deeply into the organization that almost anything is possible.