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Reports: Milik to Roma Deal Nearly Complete

Akradiusz Milik could be moving slightly northward on a deal that could reach €30 million.

SSC Napoli v Udinese Calcio - Serie A Photo by SSC NAPOLI/SSC NAPOLI via Getty Images

Through the first month of his ownership, Dan Friedkin and his cohorts have been notoriously tight lipped, especially when it comes to transfer dealings. For weeks on end, it was Chris Smalling this and Chris Smalling that; there wasn't much drama or intrigue in the rumor mill. While Smalling remains a priority for the club, you can only keep a secret for so long, and everyone an their mother knows that Roma needs a new striker; not so much because Edin Dzeko has fallen off a cliff (he hasn't) but more because of his age (he'll turn 35 this season) and the club's complete lack of options coming from the youth ranks.

And hey, wouldn't you know it, the name we suggested all the way back in March, Arkadiusz Milik, has suddenly become en vogue over the past few weeks, picking up new wrinkles seemingly every day.

With Napoli coming to their senses and backing down from their €50 million valuation for the 26-year-old striker, Roma have reportedly made significant progress in their negotiations for Milik. And according to multiple sources, both those in Rome and Napoli, the two sides are close to completing a transfer potentially worth €30 million when all is said and done. While there are some slight discrepancies between sources, it is generally believed that Roma will pay €24 or €25 million up front with as much as €5 or €6 million due in potential bonuses.

According to these same sources, the negotiations have come down to the final details and could be completed this week. If Roma do indeed land Milik, the story follows that they will then flip Edin Dzeko to Juventus for some €12 to €15 million.

Roma's transfer season may have gotten off to a slow simmer but it's quickly coming to a boil. Expect plenty of more updates over the next day or so.