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Chiesa di Totti Has a Podcast: Introducing Across the Romaverse

It took a while, but we finally recorded our first podcast, give it a listen!

Francesco Totti Receives Honoris Causa Diploma Photo by Silvia Lore/NurPhoto via Getty Images

We take a lot of pride in the depth and breadth of coverage we're able to provide here at Chiesa di Totti. From our standard match previews to picking apart transfer rumors to our in-depth tactical pieces, we strive to deliver top quality original content on all things AS Roma related. There was one area in which we were sorely lacking, though: you never heard our actual voices!

Well, those days are done. We are proud to present the first ever episode of “Across the Romaverse”, CdT's official podcast. In our first episode, Steven, Sean and I sit down for a brief introduction before taking on some meatier subjects, including the myth of Roman exceptionalism, the Max Allegri rumors, Edin Dzeko's suitability for Fonseca's tactics and the shocking admission that two out of three of us are New York Islanders fans—you'll be shocked to see who was willing to cop to that.

We're incredibly excited to get this show off the ground, but there were definitely a few awkward edits and I forgot to lead into the ad break, so it’s a work in progress but it was definitely a lot of fun and we're excited to see how it develops and grows over the coming weeks and months.

We hope you enjoy it! Feedback is definitely welcomed and appreciated. If I did everything correctly, it should be available wherever podcasts are streamed/downloaded.