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Across the Romaverse Podcast, #62: Mega Listener Q&A and Juve Preview

We opened up the floor to you, our listeners, and you came at us with plenty of great questions. We give our take on those, plus we look ahead to Sunday’s big match.

Lorenzo Pellegrini of AS Roma greets the fans at the end of... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

It’s that time again. The time where we open the floor to you, the listener. And as always you didn’t disappoint. With plenty of reader/listener questions coming our way, we had a lot of great content to discuss during a rather long and dull week thanks to the international break. Thanks again for listening and interacting with us; we did our best to answer all of your questions. Please let us know your thoughts or any follow-up questions you might have, either on the message board or any of our social media channels.

In addition to your questions, we also look ahead to Sunday’s big match at the Allianz Arena against Juventus to close out the episode. In the preview section, we discuss injuries, probable formations, our keys to a Roma victory, and make predictions.

Episode Details

  • Intro (0:45)
  • On the Pitch Questions (5:40)
  • Transfer Market Questions (47:46)
  • Off the Pitch Questions (61:16)
  • Juventus Preview (1:06:06)

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