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Across the Romaverse, #63: Roma Falls to Juventus at the Allianz Stadium Again

It was another disappointing defeat at the hands of Juventus in Turin. Alas, there were more positives than usual to take from this display.

Juventus v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Matteo Bottanelli/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Roma loses to Juventus in Turin. Well, I’m sure all of you were screaming stop if you’ve been a Roma fan for more than a few hours. We’ve all seen the Giallorossi lose plenty of times in Turin. That’s become an especially depressing reoccurrence at The Old Lady’s decade-old home—The Allianz Stadium. With Sunday’s loss, Roma has now lost 10 of 11 fixtures there.

However, as frustrating as yet another loss was on Sunday, when taking some time to digest the match, it doesn’t feel quite the same as some losses in the past. So, Brandon and I did our best to find some of the positives in an otherwise frustrating defeat. Tune in, to hear us break it all down, as well as, look ahead to yet another big match week.

Episode Details

  • Intro & Match Background (0:52)
  • Match Breakdown (5:33)
  • Key Stats (19:22)
  • Big Talking Points (24:08)
  • Mourinho’s Post Match Comments (50:21)
  • Looking Ahead (1:02:45)

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