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Reports: Petrachi Wins Dismissal Suit Against Roma

Petrachi lawyered up and now Roma may have to pay their former Director of Sport several million euros in compensation.

Gianluca Petrachi, sporting director of AS Roma, looks on... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

With eight managerial hires and multiple Directors of Sport cycling through the doors at Trigoria since 2011, it's no stretch to call the James Pallotta-era chaotic, at least in terms of personnel turnover. However, despite all those changes, Roma seldom faced any real consequences. Sure, there were some bitter words shared between Roma's previous owner and several of his former employees, but it was just bluster, fodder for the papers.

That all changed when the club dismissed their most recent Director of Sport, Gianluca Petrachi, last June. The now 52-year-old was barely a year into his three-year commitment with Roma when he was suspended by the club on June 18, 2020, following some reportedly heated exchanges with Pallotta. Following his suspension, Petrachi was officially ousted by the board on June 26th.

Not one to take this dismissal lying down, Petrachi filed a wrongful termination suit against Roma, the decision of which was just handed down this morning:

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, the Court of Rome just ruled in Petrachi's favor, finding that “...the inexistence of just cause for the dismissal, condemning the club to the compensation, both the loss of salaries and damage to his image.” While the actual fallout from the decision remains to be seen, Petrachi was rumored to be seeking €5 million in compensation.

Roma has the right to appeal the decision, so this saga is far from over. Stay tuned.