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Across the Romaverse Podcast, #29: Juventus vs. Roma Recap

In the wake of Roma's 2-0 defeat to Juventus over the weekend, we dive deep into the tactics that frustrated Paulo Fonseca's attack to no end.

Juventus v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Giorgio Perottino/Getty Images

It was another disappointing loss for Roma at the Allianz Stadium against Juventus. However, not all losses to Juventus are made the same, so it doesn’t mean there weren’t new talking points that presented themselves. This time around Sean and I had to take a little different approach to things. With no real standouts in a Roma shirt, we shifted our focus to some of the bigger takeaways that emerged in this match.

So, listen in to episode 29 of Across the Romaverse to hear us discuss:

  • The over-reliance on Spinazzola to attack down the left
  • The shift to a fluid midfield trio
  • Pirlo and Bonucci saying they predicted Roma to play this way and what it means from a game-planning perspective.
  • Roma having no answer for Juve’s low-block.
  • Would the absentees have made a difference?
  • Tacchinardi on Roma’s lack of toughness
  • Fonseca’s post-match comments
  • The fight for the top four
  • Plus, a look ahead to Udinese and the rest of February.

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