Didn't want to post this in any of the threads but I do feel the need to rant about this. Fully knowing not half a dozen people will even notice it anyhow.

I really wish we could have a game thread specifically for people who don't talk about Fonseca - or do so without incredulous and unwavering bias that simply cannot be reasoned with as dozens have already experienced. It's getting exhausting even reading "you can't blame Fonseca" type of comments. SO MANY people feel just annoyed by this one constant point that a minor few are pushing into oblivion. Without even mentioning that it's an utterly wrong point no less. But hey, why not be completely toxic about it and be the reason a community's involvement dwindles and downgrades as you selfishly refuse to even for a moment accept a modicum of a different perspective, opinion, or even a sliver of a thought that you could be wrong when everyone is telling you so?

Imagine if all we could talk about was, oh, I don't know, Spinny vs Calabria, what Diawara did and what his effect on the squad was once he was inserted, SES' impact (or lack thereof), Pedro's lack of impact (or lac... wait), Mancini, Pau, Cristante, Veretout, Borja Mayoral's complete disappearance, sustainability of Mkhitaryan's insane run.

Fonseca, Fonseca, Fonseca, Fonseca, Fonseca. More Fonseca. Why are we talking about the coach who either will or will not go AFTER this season, after having talked about only him for the past ~14 months? Seriously it's not even 'predictable what everyone will say', it's downright copypasting own comments.

It's just horribly sad how piss poor quality of discussion has gotten just because it always turns to the same worn out topic as a minority few can't control their desire to rant and unload own frustrations unto others.