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Fiorentina vs. Roma: Lineups & Game Thread

Roma NEEDS a win. Let's get this bread!

AS Roma v Udinese Calcio - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Fresh off their frustrating 2-1 loss to AC Milan on Sunday, Roma now finds themselves on the outside of the top four, trailing fourth place Atalanta by two points. Paulo Fonseca already had an incredibly thin margin for error in his pursuit of Champions League qualification next season, but after last weekend's defeat, those margins no longer exist; Roma simply cannot afford to drop any points from here on out, not when you have five clubs separated by six points fighting for two places.

And first up in Roma's quest to finish the season 14-0 is, ironically, 14th place Fiorentina, winners of only two of their past six matches. The Giallorossi are still licking their wounds, in some cases literally, but Roma's walking wounded are slowly returning to action so Fonseca should have enough tools at his disposal to take down Fiorentina on the road.

The lineups are in, let's see if Roma can rollover the Viola.


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