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Torino vs. Roma: Lineups & Game Thread

Roma head north to Torino for another critical...maybe...kinda fixture.

US Sassuolo v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

If you're an eternal optimist and are clinging to hopes that Roma can qualify for next season's Champions League via the league route, then today's fixture against 17th place Torino is as important as any clash against Napoli, Inter Milan, or Lazio. If, however, you consider yourself more of a hardcore realist, then today's trip to Torino is nothing more than a weigh station before Roma conducts their real business in Manchester in 11 days.

No matter your bent on this subject, there is a match to play today, one in which several seldom seen faces may have a chance to prove their worth to Roma or whoever may employ them in the near future.

The lineups are in, so let's see if Roma can walk away with a win!