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Super League Fallout: Social Media Reactions, UEFA Countermoves & Open Thread

Because there is literally nothing else worth discussing in the football universe right now.

In this photo illustration a UEFA Champions League logo seen... Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Less than 24 hours ago, Roma fans were gearing up for their Round 31 fixture against then 17th place Torino. While you never want to assume anything, most fans probably started the day optimistic that Paulo Fonseca could scheme up a way to defeat Andrea Belotti and the rest of the relegation battling Toros, but their quick start—a third minute Borja Mayoral—was soon fully erased by a determined Torino side that peppered Antonio Mirante's goal with 27 shots.

Roma eventually limped off the pitch 3-1 losers in a rather embarrassing display but our dismay was quickly rendered moot by yesterday's big news: the establishment of the much-ballyhooed European Super League. Not long after the final whistle blew in Torino yesterday, a cadre of Europe's biggest football clubs officially announced their intention to break away from the UEFA Champions League, starting their own separate midweek European competition; one fueled by billions of American dollars thanks to JP Morgan Chase essentially bankrolling the entire venture.

And, as one would expect, the football world was quick to respond. We've barely scratched the surface of this story, so in addition to sharing some of the most pointed responses to the Super League, we'll keep updating this thread with the latest news from FIFA, UEFA, and the Super League itself.

Social Media Reactions

Gary Neville takes the footballing world, including his former club Manchester United, to task for essentially destroying the spirit of football itself.

Former Players Speak Out

Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher took his club to task as well:

How about current players? What are they saying?

Who's Leaving & Why

As many expected, the announcement of the Super League was quickly followed by a series of clubs disassociating themselves from the European Club Association, including all 12 charter members of the Super League

But what's at the root of this unprecedented rift? Money. Plain and simple:

Some of the Super League members were no brainers, while others were a bit harder to explain:

America's foremost soccer writer chimed in and took a great shot at one of the nation's most/least popular talking heads to boot!

More on the financial incentives of the Super League. How does €10 billion sound?

Updates & Countermeasures

UEFA dropped the hammer late last night, declaring that any player or club involved in this Super League could be banned from ALL UEFA and FIFA competitions, including potentially the World Cup and European Championships

So, if that happens, what will next year's Champions League look like?

More on the structure of the league and the three future clubs believed to be Bayern Munich, Porto, and maybe PSG, though the QSI group that owns PSG has a, shall we say, unique relationship with FIFA due to the vagaries surrounding the 2022 Qatar World Cup bidding process, so they may tread lightly for the time being.

They clearly assembled the cream of the crop to run this league...

If the Super League is only a midweek Champions League replacement, surely the clubs can still compete in their domestic leagues, right?

Maybe not...

The BBC provides more information on the nuts and bolts of the Super League, including statements from the group itself:

There is a lot to unpack from the past 12 hours, so check back as we continue to track this story.