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Across the Romaverse Podcast, #40: Super League Special

Following Sunday’s announcement, there was only one thing Sean and I could discuss on this week’s episode of ATR: The Super League. Cue the Imperial March because the Evil Empire is being formed.

Juventus Shareholders Meeting Press Conference Photo by Filippo Alfero - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

Since the last time we recorded, Roma advanced passed Ajax into the Europa League semifinals. That felt good. Then the Giallorossi got overrun by relegation fighting Torino. That didn’t feel so good. But, all of the emotions that those two matches evoked pale in comparison to the big news that broke this weekend.

With the the long talked about European Super League finally being unveiled in a formal announcement, all of Roma’s on the pitch action took a back seat. Opinions are abound all over the internet and social media in regards to 12 of “Europe’s most successful clubs” (translated: richest clubs), deciding to ditch the Champions League and start their own midweek spectacle.

Is this really about the football and seeing the best sides square of? Is it pure greed? Or is it something in between?

Sean and I break it all down and weigh in on the most trending sports topic in the world right now. So, give us a listen and let us know if we’re on point or if we’re totally missing the point.

This was a fun one to record, so we hope you enjoy. And please feel free to offer your own opinion below or via Twitter.

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